Official release

Hi all. I’ve deleted all my previous posts regarding this translation project as it’s no longer appropriate to maintain the fan translation site now that NekoNyan has picked up the project. To clarify when NekoNyan approached me I conferred with Astro about his feelings about it and he wished to have no part in the project any further but was fine with me taking it over so long as his name wasn’t associated with it. I confirmed with him that deleting all translation work that wasn’t mine and retranslating those components would be the cleanest way. Thus the NN release will be based entirely off my translation only.


I am unable to delete this wordpress site but the official site is here, please refer to it from here on:

Reason for delay. And I’m sorry

I’ve already mentioned this to a bunch of people, but I keep getting asked this in the comments and stuff. The TL is pretty much done, but has not been released because:

  1. Our hacker went MIA a few years ago
  2. Two of our TLCs went MIA over the course of the years
  3. Finally, and a bit more recently (still a little more than a year ago), “things” happened that I am not allowed to talk about due to legal reasons. As much as I would like to release the patch for you all, I would probably be hit with a DMCA within a day and would be burning a lot of bridges in the industry if I do. So right now, not all hope is lost as of yet, but I have just been waiting on news and it’s been taking forever (years). Maybe the matter has already been forgotten about, but I literally cannot do anything until I hear back. I’m sorry, please understand. When you do this kind of thing for a living, you can’t just do whatever you want anymore, and it’s not as black-and-white as you think – your actions will have consequences. Bottom line, shit happens. The reason I have not declared this project dead is because there is still a glimmer of hope at the bottom of the well somewhere, and I’m not giving up the project until that glimmer has all but died out. I’m sure some of you might prefer me just calling the project off so it doesn’t feel like you’re waiting for nothing, and I would’ve done that ages ago if I wasn’t still very much attached to this project. Just know that this is as upsetting for me as it probably is for you guys. This whole event has killed my motivation and passion for translating and is affecting my job, but I’m still trying to push my way through to earn a living nevertheless.

So really, I’m sorry. It really sucks and it’s a really shitty situation, and I’ve probably said too much already. You can hate me if you want but my answer will not change. Just know that I do not consider this project dead – let’s just say it’s on an indefinite hiatus until further notice.

EDIT: Thank you for all the supportive comments… I really don’t feel like I deserve it but thank you for understanding. I’m sorry if I let some of you down

DMM Download version of Clover Day’s

Good news! For everyone who wasn’t able to buy a hardcopy of Clover Day’s, Alcot has now released a downloadable version of the game. I’ve posted the link below. But wait, there’s more great news! Clover Day’s Plus was announced, which is a new version for Clover Day’s that adds more H-scenes and e-mote (sprite animation) support! This means that the characters are going to move and come to life, even in H-scenes! Hooray!

Foreign IPs are blocked, so you need a web proxy:

Anri’s Route 100% Translated


Sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been really busy with school + other translation work, but thanks to Engage58 (one of my co-translators) Anri’s route is 100% translated! All that’s left to do is to TLC and edit and it’ll be ready to go (it might take a while though). Just know that progress is being made, and we’re not quite dead yet.

Also, thanks to everyone who sent us encouraging messages! If you have any words for Engage58, post in the comments and I’ll be sure to pass it onto him!

Clover Day’s Contest Winners

Thank you for everyone who participated in the contest. It was a pleasure looking and even listening through to the various creative works you guys sent me. Unfortunately, I could only pick three, and while it was a tough decision, I feel like these people really deserve it.

The winners are not posted in any specific order – they’re all essentially grand prize winners (because the prizes are all the same):

Congratulations to Vellistix for their cute drawing of Anri! Here’s the link to the pixiv.


Congratulations to Stephen L. for their adorable Anzu fanart. This one made me laugh, and I feel that it really captured Anzu’s personality!

Stephen Capiral Lin

Last but not least, congratulations to Alison E. for a heartwarming drawing of the only Clover Day’s x Clover Heart’s crossover! This brought back lots of nostalgic memories!

Alison Evans

I’ve only posted the winning entries because it would’ve been a hassle to get permission from ALL the contestants, but if you want your entry posted then feel free to comment/e-mail me about it!