Hekiru’s route 100% translated

Hekiru’s route 100% translated

Conman AKA Ittaku here again with the pleasurable task of informing you all that the Hekiru/twins route is now 100% complete.

Again this was a most enjoyable route with interesting and lovable girls and very sexy H scenes. The tried and tested combination of deredere gifted and tsundere hard working twin is nicely executed in this route and reminded me a lot of the relationship between the twins in To Heart 2.

That only leaves Anzu’s route half finished to translate, which Astro was working on himself before he got snowed under. Given the history so far of what I ended up doing with left over untranslated routes, you know what will likely happen to that route as well, but I won’t say straight out that I’ll be doing it.

Note that although the bulk of the translation is complete, this does not remotely imply that the end is in sight. While the biggest chunk of work has been done, all the routes need extensive translation checking and editing which itself is going to be done by Astro, who remains busy, so there is no ETA on when the completed patch will be available at this stage. The task of making partial patches also falls on him but I suspect none are planned.

So I ask you all to be patient, and for that matter not be judgemental about how long anything at all takes since translating is hundreds of hours of work and we do it for free out of passion for the original creation. Most of you are very grateful and the thanks we get are all the pay we ever expect and hope for.

Additionally I see repeated questions about Clover Day’s Plus. This is an emote-animated version of the exact same story that is in Clover Day’s but includes extra H scenes for every route. If and when the other workers on this project come back to life, there’s no reason the existing work can’t be moved to Plus and the extra scenes translated.

Izumi’s route 100% translated

Izumi’s route 100% translated

Conman here again with more good news. I’m pleased to announce that I’ve finished translating Izumi’s route.

This was an even more enjoyable route to translate than the last one, as Izumi ended up being my favourite route in the game. This is also the reason my progress was faster than last time.

Izumi is a complex tsundere that is very passionate and sensitive. There were more tears in this route than you could poke a stick at, yet I found it hard not to weep myself when they were tears of joy. It was also pleasant translating different bodily fluids for a change.

Alas Astro still seems to be snowed under so I can’t give you an estimate of when he may do a translate check on my routes and if he’ll create another partial patch or not (probably not.) I’ll be travelling shortly so I don’t anticipate I’ll be translating anything for the next month or more. As there are translators for the other routes I don’t anticipate having more input into this project (though one can never be sure). It’s been great fun and I hope people will get to play it in English some time in the not-too-distant future.

DMM Download version of Clover Day’s

Good news! For everyone who wasn’t able to buy a hardcopy of Clover Day’s, Alcot has now released a downloadable version of the game. I’ve posted the link below. But wait, there’s more great news! Clover Day’s Plus was announced, which is a new version for Clover Day’s that adds more H-scenes and e-mote (sprite animation) support! This means that the characters are going to move and come to life, even in H-scenes! Hooray!

Foreign IPs are blocked, so you need a web proxy:


Tsubame’s route 100% translated

Tsubame’s route 100% translated

Hi all, this is conman here (aka ittaku from fuwa and other projects). I volunteered to translate Tsubame’s route for Clover Day’s and I have the pleasure of telling you that I’ve completed her route since Astro is too busy (or lazy) to make this post. Since I don’t really know what more to say I’m simply going to copy the post I made on the fuwa forums. Hopefully Astro will get around to translate checking and editing it soon.

Anri’s Route 100% Translated


Sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been really busy with school + other translation work, but thanks to Engage58 (one of my co-translators) Anri’s route is 100% translated! All that’s left to do is to TLC and edit and it’ll be ready to go (it might take a while though). Just know that progress is being made, and we’re not quite dead yet.

Also, thanks to everyone who sent us encouraging messages! If you have any words for Engage58, post in the comments and I’ll be sure to pass it onto him!

Clover Day’s Contest Winners

Thank you for everyone who participated in the contest. It was a pleasure looking and even listening through to the various creative works you guys sent me. Unfortunately, I could only pick three, and while it was a tough decision, I feel like these people really deserve it.

The winners are not posted in any specific order – they’re all essentially grand prize winners (because the prizes are all the same):

Congratulations to Vellistix for their cute drawing of Anri! Here’s the link to the pixiv.


Congratulations to Stephen L. for their adorable Anzu fanart. This one made me laugh, and I feel that it really captured Anzu’s personality!

Stephen Capiral Lin

Last but not least, congratulations to Alison E. for a heartwarming drawing of the only Clover Day’s x Clover Heart’s crossover! This brought back lots of nostalgic memories!

Alison Evans

I’ve only posted the winning entries because it would’ve been a hassle to get permission from ALL the contestants, but if you want your entry posted then feel free to comment/e-mail me about it!