Character Profiles! We’re not dead!

Just here to tell you we’re actually not dead! We’ve been busy, so we’ve neglected to keep the most visited page pretty to look at. I’m sure most of you are sick of seeing the Clover Day’s opening, so we’ve got some character profiles for you to look at. Mind you, these are a combination of the profiles on the website and what I thought of them when I played the common route, leaving out all spoilers where possible.


~ Yuuto Takakura ~

Our Protagonist of Clover Day’s. He lived in an orphanage with his ‘friend’, Nodoka, before being adopted by Yoshiomi Takakura. A young man with an amicable personality, he’s the type who puts action over words. When he uses some common sense, he becomes an unconventional thinker. He’s concerned about the people around him, and they trust him. He’s basically everyone’s older brother.

I honestly cannot find a picture of this guy without his head being cut off or obstructed, so just imagine the generic male protag, except a bit greener. What I like about Yuuto is that he’s not the generic dumb you’ve come to expect from our visual novel denizens. Rather than chaste and pure, he’s quite the appreciator of the female body. Seriously, the first thing he does in the novel is enjoy some leg. Like, really enjoys it. At least it’s a guy this time, not a piece of wood with limbs.


~ Anzu Takakura ~


Anzu is half-English, as demonstrated by her having blonde hair. A very bright and emotive girl, she’s engaged in volunteer work thanks to Yuuto’s influence on her. She’s not immune when it comes to adult things, so she tends to blush when it’s brought up.

This girl’s voice is just… Soft. You have to hear it to understand. She’s a bit of a moe-blob, she’s so cute it hurts. Anzu is the epitome of pure-spirited, the precious thing. She gets flustered when you bring up pervy stuff and panics when she doesn’t know what’s going on, easily given away by her repeated use of “Yayah!” She’s very attached to Yuuto, almost unhealthily so, demanding hugs and head rubs whenever she can. An honest and free spirit, a true pillar of all things adorable, the kind of person who enjoys seeing others smile. Not my cup of tea, honestly, but I’m certain you’ll all enjoy her.


~ Anri Takakura ~


Anri is half-English, but her Japanese side is more dominant, revealing black hair rather than blonde. As the representative of her grade, she’s calm and trustworthy, earning the admiration of her friends. She comes off as prickly with the way she talks and acts like a grown-up, but she’s really a child at heart.

Anri is somewhat of a tsundere. If she wants something, she won’t say so. Her need to be a grown-up is also ingrained in this, often wanting what’s in front of her but resigning herself to the trials and tribulations of adult life. In the end, however, she always falters before the force of Anzu’s hugs. And Yuuto’s manly musk. And pretty much anyone who strokes her ego. She’s the one who teaches Yuuto how to speak Japanese, since Yuuto used to live in England and couldn’t 日本語 his way out of a paper bag. Tell her thank you, guys.


~ Tsubame Rindo ~


Tsubame is a member of the drama club, and the younger twin of Torakichi. They were in the same class as Yuuto when he first moved to Japan. Thanks to her simple, caring smile and character, she’s been glorified as the idol of her school. A bit of a coward, she doesn’t have a lot of self-confidence, but she has not run out of love to give and plays to perform.

And ooohhh boy does she have a lot of love to give. If they’re not being given, they’re restrained by whatever poor fabric that has the misfortune of attempting to hold them. She enjoys performing odd plays with Yuuto, which earns him the ire of Anri, who is not too keen on seeing her beloved brother be seduced by a woman with a larger “personality” than her. She’s the motherly kind, doting on Yuuto and Izumi from even a young age, and I enjoy how she breaks out in fits of Kansai dialect, much to her dismay.


~ Hekiru & Hikaru Kagami ~


Because of how their route works, I think it’s easier to just drop them both into the same profile. Hekiru and Hikaru met Yuuto after both their fathers met over business. It was a short-lived friendship, as their father was a frequent traveller. After 10 years, they finally return, with Hekiru giving Yuuto a bit more of a surprise than planned.

Hekiru is a girl who speaks at her own pace, and seems to be caught up in her own mysterious world. She made a promise 10 years ago, and so she returned to Japan to fulfill that promise. Which happens to revolve around Yuuto’s chastity. Hekiru tends to go for what she wants, despite her calm and cool demeanour. I mean for shit’s sake, her line on her character page might as well say “Let’s fuck.”

Hikaru doesn’t care for how she’s viewed gender-wise. When she was younger, she would just copy how Hekiru looked down to the hairstyle. Hikaru operates a bit differently. She speaks more normally than her counterpart, but the authors didn’t like her being so normal, so they made her a siscon. She’s a smartass fast-talker, always speaking in a dry tone no matter the topic. Hikaru has a firm dislike of men, but because her love for Hekiru goes beyond the realm of normal sisterly attachment, she tolerates Yuuto as much as she would a fly in her face. You can’t have one without the other, and they complement each other nicely.


~ Izumi Yuibashi ~


Izumi’s character page is actually a bit depressing. She spends most of her time working her part-time job to support her family because the father’s out of the picture. She’s cute on the outside, but there’s more than meets the eye. She’s a good-for-nothing by nature, and she has a habit of clinging onto others when she loses heart. She’s the self-proclaimed rival and childhood friend of Yuuto, and often curses his very existence, but you would hear nothing more than two lovers playing around from an outsider’s perspective.

Izumi is the typical tsundere. You know which one I mean this time. I’m a sucker for a sob story, which is why I’m reading this I guess. She’s a hard worker, and I respect those who work hard to earn their keep, but she has the misfortune of having a crazy boss. She’s indirectly sincere, a coward, and seems to throw herself at life with the force of a thousand suns. But like her description earlier, there seems to be more at work, and I’m keen to find out what.


I don’t know anything more about the characters save for the character profiles on the website and the common route. And if I did, you’d still be getting just this to avoid spoilers. I will make a separate post for more characters later, so enjoy this one for now.





13 thoughts on “Character Profiles! We’re not dead!

  1. Oh man its so hard to pick a favourite… Hikaru and Anri would have to tie for second…
    Personally i liked Izumi best because she masturbates while thinking of the protagonist lol xD

      • I just want to show my list of favourite characters where 1 is best and then it goes down slowly. (I like all characters though.)
        1 Anzu
        2 Hikaru
        3 Anri
        4 Hekiru/Tsubame
        5 Izumi/(that other girl i dont remember name of but has an h-scene so i count her as a heroine.)

  2. I know you guys are probably really busy, but where should one start when learning japanese? I’ve wanted to learn for a very long time but I’ve never really knew where to go.

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