I’m back!


astro’s back! Yay! More progress!

Well, just letting you guys know I’m finally back from Japan, so uh yeah. Hopefully I’ll grab some sleep after my 3 consecutive flights… And then attend my graduation ceremony on Saturday… and tweet pics of my spoils from Japan! 😀

Oh yeah, and translate.


11 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. Welcome back astro!
    Thank you for the translation of Clover’s Day
    Have you met with Anri / Anzu in Japan? ^^

  2. Hey astro, got a question for ya:

    Are you guys or your group planning to release a prologue or partial patch at all? Because if you are, that would be wonderful: I’d love to get a sense at what this game’s plot is.

    Also some other translator group did the same thing so I was just wondering if you guys had anything planned like that. Reply back to me if you read this comment.

      • Oh well that’s okay. I fully support your translation project and anticipate your full patch release of the translation!

        In truth though, I wish I could help translate but I can only speak a little Japanese words and I can’t read the letters at all. I could learn but having school near finals and my junior year coming up doesn’t really help that cause :/

  3. we pray for your success astro
    btw im cheering for ya so do your best !
    i guess we’re all cheering for ya !

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