Don’t worry, we are still alive

People have been asking if I died or something. Fret not, though. The project isn’t dead, and neither am I! Progress is slowing down at the moment, but there is progress. I noticed that I haven’t been posting updates as much as I’d like, and I feel like I owe you all an explanation.

I guess you could say it’s my fault that progress has been so slow lately (common route has been stuck at ~60% for a while now). Why I’m saying this is because it’s pretty much the truth. The fact is, I don’t trust anyone to touch, let alone edit my scripts besides me. Maybe it’s just me being egotistical, but that’s just how I work. I know how I want things done – if I want a job done right, I do it myself. I go through each and every script multiple times to either check for errors, smooth out a few parts, or even just to fix dialogue that seems out-of-character. I want to make sure that the translations I release are the absolute best they can be, so I hope you are able to bear with the snail’s pace we’re working at. Well, that’s it for explanations, so sorry, there really isn’t much I can do to speed up progress. Just know that we (maybe not Sheckel) are still actively working on the translation.




8 thoughts on “Don’t worry, we are still alive

  1. Well it´s better to get the full perfect product in some time than get a bad translation in 2 minutes…
    i´m just happy knowing it´s still getting worked on. keep up the good work!

  2. That’s an awesome mindset to have really, but it’s also a double-edged sword; please don’t cut yourself and burn out! がんばって!

  3. Very glad to hear this is still going. I started reading it myself about a week or so ago, and, as i’m now through Anzu’s route i’m glad someone is working on being able to get this to more people, because it’s really fun. 😀

    I wish you all luck. I know nothing about doing it myself, but translating VN’s must be such a huge ordeal, and I very much respect the people who can learn how to do it and then take all the time needed to do it.

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