Character Profiles part 2!

Sweet balls am I overdue with this one! I’ve been busy pulling my teeth out of Real Life’s boots for the past few months, but now I’ve got a bit of breathing room. Enough breathing room to, say, give you guys more of an idea of our beloved yet under appreciated side characters! Due to the nature of these oft uncovered characters, their bios are not quite as long as I’d like to make them, but they make up for it in quantity! I’m also going to try to put them in order but it won’t matter too much.


~ Nodoka ~


A girl who was with Yuuto during his stay at the orphanage, to the point she calls him family. While she’s a very cheerful and playful girl, she often says things that are very mature for her age. She often behaves as a sort of conscience for Yuuto, keeping him on the straight and narrow if he’s unsure about something. However, it feels like she’s hiding something…


 ~ Yoshiomi Takakura ~

yos_imgYoshiomi Takakura! A man I strive to be every day. A man of strong character and unwavering personality, his first act as side character is to be hungover and nearly spew all over his breakfast. Truly a shining example fine behaviour expected of a businessman such as himself. On a much more serious note, he is naturally the one Yuuto goes to if something important needs to be discussed, and will listen to everything he has to say regardless of prior shenanigans.

He adopted Yuuto while he was on a business trip to England. Yoshiomi does not have a son, but requires an heir for his business when he decides to retire. He conveniently came upon Yuuto and gave him an amazing life. You could view Yoshiomi’s behaviour is very selfish for simply wanting an heir, but I like to think that giving an orphan a home is a good enough venture. He’s quite reliable if he doesn’t have alcohol in him.


~ Shion ~

shi_imgShion is the maid of the Takakura household and personal disciplinarian of Yoshiomi. Some of you may know her for her iconic ‘Love Grip’, a skill that many know and few survive. While Shion attends to her duties around the house, she is quite wise and will often assist the Takakura children if they ask for it or not. She’s quite sly despite her formal display, but nevertheless puts the well-being of the household above her own. And Yoshiomi’s.


~ Torakichi Rindo ~

tor_imgTorakichi is the twin brother of one Tsubame Rindo. Because the last name didn’t make it obvious they were related. Torakichi attends the drama club alongside his sister and is frequently on the butt end of his interactions with his friends, much to his delight. He enjoys being the guy that everyone shoots down at every moment, and his drama club member status helps him fall with grace time after time. He’s possibly Yuuto’s best friend considering he was the only boy he interacted with when they were young. As expected of a Rindo, his hair is a bright pink. The shame this brings him moves him to bleach it, because being blonde is apparently loads better than being a pinkhead.


~ Rin Asuka ~

rin_imgMore commonly known as Asurin, she once went to the same school as our troupe of companions, and has been friends with them since they were young. She now works for the school as the nurse, which often results in shenanigans with the students. She has a very eccentric personality, often referring to herself as an old man and having an unhealthy obsession with touching Tsubame. Hekiru and Hikaru are also living with her since they came back alone, which means no house for them to go back to. What a sweetie.


~ Saionji ~

sai_imgThe enigmatic homeroom teacher for Yuuto’s class and head teacher of their grade. While he is  diligent in his duty as a teacher, he has an embarrassing propensity towards cute boys, which sounds very bad in a school setting. Not much else is known about him, save for his being Mizuho’s uncle and being Rin’s superior. You don’t even learn his first name. He has nice hair though.


~ Mizuho Saionji ~

miz_imgLastly, we have Mizuho Saionji, a bookworm with downcast eyes. Due to her uncle being both her homeroom teacher and head of the year, she was made class representative much to her chagrin. She’s a bit timid, making her representative status since she has a hard time interacting with the others. Mizuho is also quite frail, suffering from anemia and going to the nurse’s office as often as she breathes. She’s diligent towards her academics if nothing else, and tries her best to not be a burden on others with her anemia.




As you guys know, we’re really close to getting the common route out. We’re going over the previous scripts to make sure we’re not messing anything up and then we’ll figure out where to go from there. Look forward to it!




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