Merry Christmas! Here’s patch v0.1!

WARNING: Long post below, so I starred (*) all the important stuff for all you lazy people.

Merry Christmas everyone!

My seasons greetings may be a bit late due to time zone differences, but it’s definitely Christmas here, and boy do I have a surprise for you! Yes, I know we’re slow. Progress seemed to almost stop at one point because I was busy with school (wow, we still have a long way to go).

P-p-please understand. ;_; It’s not easy for one person to do most of the translating, on top of all of the editing, QCing, and TLCing. I’m just an 18 year old boy with VNs on the mind. Despite Clover Day’s being a moege, the game was somewhat tedious to translate because it was riddled with slang, 2chan terms, references to games/anime/old shows/etc… I had to catch them all and localize a lot of them. *cry* That’s why if you hear a line that doesn’t sound like what you’re reading, I was probably forced to localize it the best I could…

* With that being said, and without further ado, I present to you the Clover Day’s common route patch! (パチパチ) <– that pun tho

[Yakusoku TL] Clover Day’s English v0.1 Patch

Sorry, we haven’t found a way to translate choices yet, but it’s not like it really matters since no routes have been translated yet (lazy excuses). We’ll also translate the menu at a later date.

** Please report any bugs or errors to me through IRC or Skype (posted in the ‘Contact’ tab on website)! *** Lastly, I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH: PLEASE support ALcot and buy a copy of the game! It’s easy to pirate, but I didn’t spend 8 months of my life just to watch one of my favourite companies lose money. ;_; You can order a copy online here: Getchu or Sofmap or Amazon Now, I understand that paying $50 for a game might be impossible for some people due to financial circumstances. I still want to give back to the company that made this game though, and I’m sure many of you feel the same. Thus, I’m starting a donation pool. I’m not going to be pocketing any of the money, don’t worry. Instead, I am going to be using that money to order copies of Clover Day’s to do giveaways for people who can’t get copies of the game themselves (please don’t enter these giveaways if you already have a copy)… I’m also going to be pulling money out of my pocket as well. So instead of leeching and pirating, please find it in your heart to contribute, even 50 cents. Let’s see some of that Christmas spirit, folks!: Donation Pool Again, Happy Holidays! Don’t spend your one Christmas of the year playing porn games. :3

**** PS - You should install this patch into your Clover Day's directory after you install the game (it fixes voice bugs):

39 thoughts on “Merry Christmas! Here’s patch v0.1!

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  2. Awesome patch, i can’t believe i have already read through the common ;_;
    No mistakes that i can remember.
    Thank you for the patch!

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  4. When you said that you can’t translate the choices, what do you mean by that?
    Is it because you can’t find the file? or there’s a problem occur when you translate it?

  5. Ugh I think I’ll donate… but when I have more money. I just made a huge purchase for a monitor for my computer so I’m kind of out of money. Though when I get it I’ll donate, I really support this project and you astro. Keep up the good work man 🙂

    p.s. yeah kind of late to the party but I felt like easing my mind before I go back to school tomorrow.

      • Thanks for responding so fast but I have no friends in japan and not everything from amazon ships internationally. I already have my copy (bought it btw Alcot is one of my favorites too) I was just wondering for other eroge

    • Getchu does not ship outside of Japan ever. I’m not too sure about other alternatives, but from the top of my head, J-List sells non-licensed VNs. There’s also the option of mail forwarding services, but I’m not sure if Japan has those.

      • Thanks a lot for responding at least. I wish you luck on your translating, school and whatever else you might need luck for

  6. Uhh ok so I got the game but whenever I try to open it it says “????syntax error”. I don’t think this has anything to do with your patch but do you know anything about it? :/

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