[Recruiting] Capable Translators

This is a call to arms!

I wish to enlist troops to join me on my journey, because being a one-man army isn’t fun at all. As my other translator is mostly dead, I am recruiting new translators, so Clover Day’s doesn’t become [TBA 2020]. You could either apply for a permanent position at Yakusoku Translations (we have many plans after Clover), or just apply to be on the Clover Day’s team. I look forward to seeing a new batch of fresh faces. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have much translation experience – I just want people who are proficient in written Japanese and English, so we can continue to produce high-quality translations.


Translators must:

– Have at least N2 proficiency. Knowledge of slang (or at least the ability to Google slang you don’t know) is a must, as it is a very slang-heavy game. Knowledge of Osaka-ben is a plus, but not required.

– Be able to work in a team.

– Have a degree of fluency in English. That doesn’t mean you have to be an amazing writer, though.

– Be motivated to stick with the project. In short, don’t apply if you’re going to disappear after a week.

If you want to help out and give back to the fanTL community, drop by our IRC channel, message me on Skype, or drop a comment below. Thank you in advance, prospective applicants! I hope I’ll get the pleasure to work with some of you in the near future.




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