Fundraiser for artist, Tsukinon, who lost everything in a fire

Hello, this isn’t exactly related to Clover Day’s, but I thought it was worth it to bring it up. I don’t know if any of you have suffered from a natural disaster or a house fire before, but the feeling you get when you see absolutely everything you’ve built up all your life – except the shirt off your back – crumble in mere seconds is the most terrible feeling.

Tsukinon is a renowned artist, who has done art for a lot of different visual novels and doujin projects, including Sakura no Uta (more on his works in the link below). Recently, however, his home became the victim of a huge fire, leaving him with nothing. It is great that he was unharmed, but I sincerely want to help him back to on his feet.

Please show your support by taking a look at the link below. Similarly to Kickstarter, the game company that employs Tsukinon is offering tier rewards based on how much you donate – but this time, the funds are going towards a wonderful cause!

NOTE: Even if you are unable to donate, please help spread the word by sharing the link, or by retweeting the tweet below:

Sorry for wasting your time like this, and thanks for reading. I posted this here because I realize that I do get a bunch of traffic on this site, though it almost feels like I’m using you guys (trust me, I’m not). In the end, if the publicity I’ve racked up through starting up the Clover Day’s translation can be used for a good cause, then I’d feel that starting the project was that much more worth it (who knows, I might even pour more time into translating as a result)!

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