Tsubame’s route 100% translated

Hi all, this is conman here (aka ittaku from fuwa and other projects). I volunteered to translate Tsubame’s route for Clover Day’s and I have the pleasure of telling you that I’ve completed her route since Astro is too busy (or lazy) to make this post. Since I don’t really know what more to say I’m simply going to copy the post I made on the fuwa forums. Hopefully Astro will get around to translate checking and editing it soon.

I’ve finally finished translating Tsubame’s route and uploaded my changes so it’s 100% complete (except for text on graphics). As stated previously, I’m not that strong a translator so the translate check/editor will have their work cut out for them but I feel it’s reasonably solid. There’s a fair amount of Kansai dialect from both Tsubame who tries to disguise her accent and much more so from her brother who does not, but fortunately I’ve done work with Kansai before (twins in To heart 2) so it didn’t present the most difficulty.

This was a mostly fun route to translate. Her story was very easy to get involved in and she’s absolutely adorable. The drama is very light and easily resolved but serves as a nice counterpoint to make her story more fulfilling. The H scenes start out very hot right from the start and then… become quite absurd by the end. I think I lost millions of brain cells on that last one. One part I did not enjoy was translating H sound effects which drove me mad in this and ended up being the main thing delaying progress. I can only face so many sucking and slurping sounds before questioning why I was wasting my time translating what looks crap by the time it’s in English and this VN has more than I’ve ever seen. Fortunately most people gloss over the sound effects when faced with an H scene so you wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t pointed it out. Anyway I’m going to take a rest from translating having finished this route since I’d rather actually play the rest of the game through than translate it now.


14 thoughts on “Tsubame’s route 100% translated

  1. ım so happy really thank you guys for this great translate. But ı want to ask something. Can you guys please realease at least airi partial patch. because ı really cant wait ı want to play game too much 😀

  2. OMG!!!!!!! Thank you very much really. Today is my birthday and ım so happy. I cant explain how much ı am. Any partial patch coming soon? Pleaseeeee

    • And she’s as amazing as you might imagine she would be 🙂 Alas it isn’t coming that soon unless Astro releases a partial patch.

  3. Thanks for the great work! Hoping it wouldn’t take that long and could you please release a partial patch for Anri. Can’t wait… 😀

    • Yeah totaly agree Zilf Daav. Please at least release a partial patch for anri. I Really wanna play this game. Cant wait anymoreeee 😀

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