Izumi’s route 100% translated

Conman here again with more good news. I’m pleased to announce that I’ve finished translating Izumi’s route.

This was an even more enjoyable route to translate than the last one, as Izumi ended up being my favourite route in the game. This is also the reason my progress was faster than last time.

Izumi is a complex tsundere that is very passionate and sensitive. There were more tears in this route than you could poke a stick at, yet I found it hard not to weep myself when they were tears of joy. It was also pleasant translating different bodily fluids for a change.

Alas Astro still seems to be snowed under so I can’t give you an estimate of when he may do a translate check on my routes and if he’ll create another partial patch or not (probably not.) I’ll be travelling shortly so I don’t anticipate I’ll be translating anything for the next month or more. As there are translators for the other routes I don’t anticipate having more input into this project (though one can never be sure). It’s been great fun and I hope people will get to play it in English some time in the not-too-distant future.


26 thoughts on “Izumi’s route 100% translated

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  2. I cant waitttt. Thanks for the hardwork. And please at least release a partial patch. I really cant waittt anymore

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  4. Come back to us astro!!! :((

    Finish up the work here, fans have been waiting almost over a year for this game to be fully translated!!! 😱

    Anyways, I appreciate the work you’ve all put in for this translation project, if not there would be no way for me to read this!


    Hope someone notice this 😉👍

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