Hekiru’s route 100% translated

Conman AKA Ittaku here again with the pleasurable task of informing you all that the Hekiru/twins route is now 100% complete.

Again this was a most enjoyable route with interesting and lovable girls and very sexy H scenes. The tried and tested combination of deredere gifted and tsundere hard working twin is nicely executed in this route and reminded me a lot of the relationship between the twins in To Heart 2.

That only leaves Anzu’s route half finished to translate, which Astro was working on himself before he got snowed under. Given the history so far of what I ended up doing with left over untranslated routes, you know what will likely happen to that route as well, but I won’t say straight out that I’ll be doing it.

Note that although the bulk of the translation is complete, this does not remotely imply that the end is in sight. While the biggest chunk of work has been done, all the routes need extensive translation checking and editing which itself is going to be done by Astro, who remains busy, so there is no ETA on when the completed patch will be available at this stage. The task of making partial patches also falls on him but I suspect none are planned.

So I ask you all to be patient, and for that matter not be judgemental about how long anything at all takes since translating is hundreds of hours of work and we do it for free out of passion for the original creation. Most of you are very grateful and the thanks we get are all the pay we ever expect and hope for.

Additionally I see repeated questions about Clover Day’s Plus. This is an emote-animated version of the exact same story that is in Clover Day’s but includes extra H scenes for every route. If and when the other workers on this project come back to life, there’s no reason the existing work can’t be moved to Plus and the extra scenes translated.


25 thoughts on “Hekiru’s route 100% translated

  1. YESH! Finally I feel refreshed. Thanks 4 your hard work! Dude I hope there’s no big problem that will occur in the translating process in the future. Team Clover Days, God bless you 😀

  2. Thanks for the hard work, we will wait no matter how much it takes, just please don’t ever abandon the project! Better later than never, it would be really sad if it closed down after all the work done. It’s just I am worried, because sometimes translation projects close down, even after already being already in advanced stages of progress….I mean, even it it takes years, it’s ok, the thing that matters the most is being sure that it never gets dropped and continues to go on, even slowly. Thanks again for keeping it going!

  3. Yes! so excited for the full release no matter how long it takes. Thanks to all the hard work the staff put into this translation! Look forward to the next update 😀

  4. Thanks for your hard work!! Cant wait the complete patch! No matter how long it takes, we’ll wait forever and ever.

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  6. Not sure what should I write, but I feel like I should at least express my gratitude towards people who are working on that project. So, thank you for doing that hard, tedious and ungrateful work.

  7. ;_; I’m so looking forward to this TL. Cornettoman keeps talking about how good it is on the /r/visualnovels discord :<

  8. I hope that they get motivated (or find someone) to translate these few extra scenes from the Plus version because I would prefer to read it with these new eye-candy animations.
    But that that doesn’t mean that I’m not thankful for the work you have done till now, thank guys.

  9. By the way, why didn’t you upload the part that you’d finished first (like some route) so we could know and try it? Thanks

  10. Hello! I would like to know if you are going to finish this project or not. If not I would like to know if you can contact me, I will pick up Anzu’s route for you and go ahead and translate it, and edit it. Thanks!

  11. I usually don’t like the girl that ends up last to be translated on these things, but this time I do. Please know that there are still people out there who will enjoy your work even if it’s that last little bit.

    • I was planning on tackling the rest of her route in a few weeks time as well. Of course that doesn’t mean release any time soon because there still is the entire game to translate check and edit after that.

  12. Can’t wait a bit bummed cause I was looking for a new one to read and thought this was done but I can wait…maybe… possibly… okay no this story looks promising. I waited so long for Koichoco just hope I’m not waiting another two years lol

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