Anzu’s Route and Whole Game Translation 100% Complete


Conman, AKA Ittaku here again with the news you’ve no doubt been hoping to hear for a while. I’ve finished translating Anzu’s route which means the entire game is now 100% translated.

Anzu’s route was again fun to translate and had a surprising amount of drama in it considering Anzu is on the surface the most straight forward heroine.

But what you all want to know is when you can play the game and this is where I have to give you the hard facts to contain your excitement. Translation checking and editing hasn’t even been started and Astro who is going to performing those is still currently snowed under.

So now we play the first rule of fight club. We don’t mention Clover Day’s. We don’t ask when the patch will be finished – I don’t know. We don’t ask if we’ll be releasing an unedited preview patch – we almost certainly won’t. We don’t ask if we’re going to be doing Clover Day’s plus – we may be; it’s only more H scenes. All those decisions are up to Astro.

Anyway it’s been great fun working on this project and the reason I kept going back and translating route after route is that I absolutely loved the game. Farewell for now Clover Day’s and Yakusoku.

50 thoughts on “Anzu’s Route and Whole Game Translation 100% Complete

  1. Thank you so much for your dedication and hard work! ❤
    Now we just have to wait a little bit more, hopefully won't be too long

    • You’re welcome. I’m busy QC’ing and proofreading the last bits of To Heart 2 so I’m basically prepping that for release in the near future at the moment.

  2. Thank you so much for this. You are doing God’s work :3
    Take your time with QC, we’ll wait patiently.

  3. A big thank you for your hardwork & dedication for this! Truly appreciate your work for this series. Take your time checking the quality and remember to not stress yourself out! Good luck!

  4. 2017 has been great for me. I finally graduated from college, I got my first motorcycle, I got a job, and ofc. many VNs got translated, including Clover Days!

    What a great year to be alive!

  5. Thank you so much for translating this and I’ll follow the fight club rule

    I got nothing to give and my English is bad so I can’t say anything heart touching but I really want your team to know that I understand how hard it’s to translate something this big(6-10 light novel volumes?) and a stress to work on your free time without getting any money but some people keep pressuring you to work faster like they’re your boss at work. With all of those obstacle but your team still can deliver it this far in very short time.
    What you have done til now is amazing and I really mean it 🙂

  6. Thanks for your feedback. We do this out of love for the original medium, but your gratitude goes a long way towards motivating us to work on it so it’s much appreciated.

  7. Congratulation on finishing one of the main tasks. We all appreciate your hard and awesome work. All I can do here is cheering and say thank you over the internet. Thank you!

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  9. well how should i put this… xP i just randomly was thinking how far the progress would be since my last visit. I’m really amazed as i was reading your latest post.
    at first a big thanks for your translation. without your team we wouldn’t be able to enjoy this amazing VN. You really should be proud of yourself because i couldn’t translate a VN, even if i really want to. teams like you are translating stuff for us. i think you deserve donations and rewards for this. but still you don’t want any money. i would be glad if i could do anything to show my thanks and support for ya^^. please keep up the good… no, excelent work :D. i became a huge fan of this team 🙂
    greetings from Germany and Yeah xD

  10. FINALLY a great VN I can play with one ha-*cough*
    Thanks a bunch, guys. For real.

    I’m back after a year and some, and I was ready to cry upon finding the project dropped in ruins, not progressed by a bit.
    Screw me and my pessimistic views.

    This is awesome.
    YOU are awesome.

    I’ll abide by the rules of the game and not ask anything, but keep giving it your best to let the lolis come to us!
    You know that’s what they want too!

    • Whatever they do i hope they do it soon..i really want to read this VN…If they sell it to an English publisher then i can get to buy it directly instead of buying the raw version from a JP site..
      In the end i just want them to release the translation patch/publish it officially as fast as they can hopefully…

  11. Just take whatever time you need, we will wait, looking forward to it.
    Based on the updates from ittaku and the donate-option for other people being able to enjoy the game i get the feeling that they won`t contact SP or another game publisher to release it.
    Seems more like a personal wish to release it by themselves and not monetary reasons, but i could be wrong too…

    I at least wouldn`t be very happy about it because i already own the japanese game, not a big fan of buying perfectly working things twice if only one is needed.

    Another thing i dislike about these games being licensed and published in recent time is, that they cut the 18+ scenes out of the story and put them in a different part of the game like in Corona blossom or Chronoclock -So, if you >should< contact a publisher, please make sure that they 18+ / all-ages-patch it in a way that leaves all scenes where they belong and not this "go-to-extras-section-to-watch-them-scream"-bs 😉

    • Huh?
      Incase you didnt know..

      Even the original Japanese version of Chrono Clock had the H content as standalone , i.e separate from the main story line. same is for corona blossom…

      So blame the Devs for “go-to-extras-section-to-watch-them-scream”-bs ”
      and not he publishers for this gimmic same is viable to Maitetsu where the H scenes are separate from the main story mode.. in the original Jp expect the same when SP releases it in the West.

      Atleast do some research..before starting the blame bandwagon

  12. now that it’s done.. i really am happy for it.. since i’ve waited for around 2 years. but having no more updates makes me wary , so i beg ya,please update whether there is already a typesetter or not, whether there is someone out there working to finish this or not.. there is just a few more steps.. for this translation to be enjoyed by everyone.. including me.. so i really want to know what’s happened with the condition of the translation. thanks

      • Don’t jinx it pls. The aokana translation is nowhere to be finished in the first place, different from this one. I think this one won’t be abandoned so easily because all of the translator’s hardwork.

  13. Maybe change name to “usotsuki translations”? Not very may promises being fullfilled here.
    Game was apparently translated 100% 1 year ago and then they just leave us hanging. At least admit that you gave up working on it rather than giving us false hope.

      • Do you have any information at all on whether there is anyone still doing anything with the translation at all? or if there has been any progress at all? or literally any news regarding this entire project? I mean you said not to ask, but almost an entire year has gone by with literally no word, and the notification before that gave literally no information as well.

        I mean if it’s 100% translated… can you release the translation anyway… or even just the text of it? because this 100% translation and then drop thing happens so often it’s ridiculous, almost may as well have just released the unedited stuff originally.


        if nothing else, is this still being worked on?
        literally saying nothing but ‘no’ isn’t much to go on…
        but I guess it’s all up to you guys…

      • Don’t lose hope since my best guess is the translation will be this year or next year if it’s approved by the maker of the game 🙂

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