Patch v0.1:

The Best Patch (April Fools Patch – ONLY translates beginning of Anzu route):

OP Movies:

Clover Day’s OP [HD] – RAW

Clover Day’s OP [HD] – Eng Subs

Anzu OP [HD] – Eng Subs

Anzo OP (April Fools version)


76 thoughts on “Downloads

  1. I LOVE THIS!!! One question, i’m new to this whole Visual Novel world, will you guys release the English-patch for the whole Clover Day’s visual novel, or are you guys just a fan page? Please answer!

  2. hope you will finish translating the game soon, my country did not allow Twitter anymore so i cannot follow you to see the how the game goes and I’m really pissed off now-_-

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  6. \(~ o ~)/ *Worships every staff member*
    Everyone of you are amazing, was scrolling through the list of projects and found yours, I was suuuupa surprised at the speed of the translation and the april fools patch x3, Though i do wonder when can you release a offical Anzu route patch~?
    Please accept me as a disciple o>( ; 3 ; )<o

    • The translation speed isn’t that impressive – it took over half a year to get a common route patch out.

      I haven’t done any work on Anzu’s route lately, but hopefully I can start working on it again sometime next year.

      Disciple…? What do you mean by that?

  7. Just kind of curious. How long do you think this project will take from this point? Will it be done within 2016?
    Also what are the odds on releasing patches for routes that are already done?

  8. may I ask 2 things?
    1. where can I download anri and others route for English translation?
    2. what is difference between clover days ori and plus?
    btw I love this VN and ur works so much XD

    • 1) Not released yet. We’ll release them all at once when they’re done
      2) Clover Day’s Plus has e-mote (google it) support, which means pseudo-animated characters and H-scenes.
      I will be busy for the rest of the year though, so the patch won’t be out by the end of 2016

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  10. Mediafire file just keeps refreshing the page whenever click the download. Any alternative links or fix for this? I appreciate the help 🙂

  11. Neither one is the full patch. Also that’s v0.1 not v1.01. So for now, along with a lot of the others who have been here for awhile, we shall remain patient as they fix up the full patch ^^

    • No. Though they are finished with translating things. Now they are in the testing/editing phase of the translation for cloverday’s which can take longer then the actual translation of the game itself. So at the moment everyone is just waiting patiently.

    • That… Is actually a question that’s technically not answered yet.
      I assume that it’s still alive since nothing has been said about it being canceled. But I do suppose anything is possible. Guess we will just have to wait and see like a lot of other things here won’t we 😉

  12. Hello I would like to know if the project is still relevant. Good luck for the future I support you with all my heart.

  13. not being to impatient… but leaving without giving any noticable progress makes me impatient every visit…

  14. To be honest, I’d prefer it if you came out and said you canceled the project or something. Coming back with not even an update is just hell.

    • Patch v0.1. is only a partial patch which fully translates the common route (correct me if I am wrong). It’s compatible only for the Clover Day’s Regular edition (not yet compatible on Clover Day’s Plus edition).

    • The project is still on-going, but it’s just slow right now since they’re low on staffs for TLC. I wouldn’t be surprised if they released the full translation 1-2 years from now, just got to wait it out till they make an announcement.

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