Clover Day’s Contest Winners

Thank you for everyone who participated in the contest. It was a pleasure looking and even listening through to the various creative works you guys sent me. Unfortunately, I could only pick three, and while it was a tough decision, I feel like these people really deserve it.

The winners are not posted in any specific order – they’re all essentially grand prize winners (because the prizes are all the same):

Congratulations to Vellistix for their cute drawing of Anri! Here’s the link to the pixiv.


Congratulations to Stephen L. for their adorable Anzu fanart. This one made me laugh, and I feel that it really captured Anzu’s personality!

Stephen Capiral Lin

Last but not least, congratulations to Alison E. for a heartwarming drawing of the only Clover Day’s x Clover Heart’s crossover! This brought back lots of nostalgic memories!

Alison Evans

I’ve only posted the winning entries because it would’ve been a hassle to get permission from ALL the contestants, but if you want your entry posted then feel free to comment/e-mail me about it!


Small Update

Just a quick update that we found a new translator who’s working on the Izumi route

Fundraiser for artist, Tsukinon, who lost everything in a fire

Hello, this isn’t exactly related to Clover Day’s, but I thought it was worth it to bring it up. I don’t know if any of you have suffered from a natural disaster or a house fire before, but the feeling you get when you see absolutely everything you’ve built up all your life – except the shirt off your back – crumble in mere seconds is the most terrible feeling.

Tsukinon is a renowned artist, who has done art for a lot of different visual novels and doujin projects, including Sakura no Uta (more on his works in the link below). Recently, however, his home became the victim of a huge fire, leaving him with nothing. It is great that he was unharmed, but I sincerely want to help him back to on his feet.

Please show your support by taking a look at the link below. Similarly to Kickstarter, the game company that employs Tsukinon is offering tier rewards based on how much you donate – but this time, the funds are going towards a wonderful cause!

NOTE: Even if you are unable to donate, please help spread the word by sharing the link, or by retweeting the tweet below:

Sorry for wasting your time like this, and thanks for reading. I posted this here because I realize that I do get a bunch of traffic on this site, though it almost feels like I’m using you guys (trust me, I’m not). In the end, if the publicity I’ve racked up through starting up the Clover Day’s translation can be used for a good cause, then I’d feel that starting the project was that much more worth it (who knows, I might even pour more time into translating as a result)!


Hey everyone, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for… It’s time for the Clover Day’s giveaway!

It’s going to take some work on your end (so I can find out who reeeaaally wants a copy), but it’s all going to be worth it, because I have THREE copies of Clover Day’s to give away (courtesy of my friend Ren). Without further ado, here are the rules:


1) Please be over the age of 18 (or at least pretend to be)

2) You must be comfortable with giving me your shipping address if you end up winning the contest (so I can ship the prize to you obviously)

3) I’m not sure if I could ship porn games to you if you live in North Korea, so I’m sorry if that’s where you reside

4) Strictly one entry per person

5) I reserve the right to disqualify you if I suspect that you are using unethical means to either increase your chances of winning, or decreasing another person’s chances of winning (ex: bribes, plagiarism, sabotage, murder, etc.)

6) I will be accepting entries from now, until the date becomes July 1st, 2015 (PST).

7) You are responsible for any import charges/tariffs imposed by your country. We are also not responsible if the package gets detained by customs.

8) These conditions are subject to change without notice (although highly unlikely that they will)

Anyway, here’s how to win:

Step 1: You must be following me on Twitter so I can Direct Message you for a follow-up in the case that you win (if you dont’ have one, then register).

Step 2: MAKE me some cool fan art, inspired by any character(s) from either Clover Heart’s or Clover Day’s! Don’t worry if you’re not the best at drawing, because it doesn’t have to be drawn! You could make a really badass macaroni portrait of Anzu doing her ややや’s, or even do a cool cosplay! Heck, if you’re great at singing, then you could even sing a song you wrote in homage to one of the characters! Whether it’s a song, a fanfic, or a drawing, what I’m really looking for is creativity – I also want to see that you’ve put time and effort into the piece of art.

NOTE: IF you are planning to do a cosplay, please hold up a sign with your Twitter ID in your photo so I know it’s you, and not some stranger you bumped into at a convention!

Step 3: Send your entries to either in-line or through a link to a hosting site (max file size: 50MB), and be sure to include your Twitter ID in the message!

Thanks for reading! Reminder that I have three copies to give away, so don’t be afraid to enter even if you’re not the artistic type at all. Have fun out there!

Happy One-year Anniversary! (Patch below)

Wow, it’s already been that long, huh?

Anyway, here’s an Anzu partial patch to celebrate:

Just drop the extracted files into your Clover Day’s folder and replace everything. Make SURE you have patch2.xp3 already, which is the special patch you get from ALcot that adds extra scene (if you don’t, that’s okay too, but rename patch3.xp3 to patch2.xp3).

** Pro-tip: If you’ve already played through the common route, then just open up the game, click “Start”, and click on Anzu’s route. *runs away*

Anzu OP!

As some of you may know, each heroine has their own OP and ED. Since I’m doing Anzu’s route first, here’s her OP!

(There may be scenes that some people may consider to be ‘spoilers.’ Personally, I don’t think it spoils much, but you have been warned…)

As usual, you can find it under the ‘Downloads’ tab.

[Recruiting] Capable Translators

This is a call to arms!

I wish to enlist troops to join me on my journey, because being a one-man army isn’t fun at all. As my other translator is mostly dead, I am recruiting new translators, so Clover Day’s doesn’t become [TBA 2020]. You could either apply for a permanent position at Yakusoku Translations (we have many plans after Clover), or just apply to be on the Clover Day’s team. I look forward to seeing a new batch of fresh faces. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have much translation experience – I just want people who are proficient in written Japanese and English, so we can continue to produce high-quality translations.


Translators must:

– Have at least N2 proficiency. Knowledge of slang (or at least the ability to Google slang you don’t know) is a must, as it is a very slang-heavy game. Knowledge of Osaka-ben is a plus, but not required.

– Be able to work in a team.

– Have a degree of fluency in English. That doesn’t mean you have to be an amazing writer, though.

– Be motivated to stick with the project. In short, don’t apply if you’re going to disappear after a week.

If you want to help out and give back to the fanTL community, drop by our IRC channel, message me on Skype, or drop a comment below. Thank you in advance, prospective applicants! I hope I’ll get the pleasure to work with some of you in the near future.