Translated (kb) Total (kb) Progress
Common 661 661 100%
Anzu 447 711 63%
Anri 743 743 100%
Hekiru/Hikaru 722 722 100%
Tsubame 846 846 100%
Izumi 764 764 100%

193 thoughts on “Progress

  1. You are almost there! Keep it up!
    Is there a final decision about Clover Days Plus? Will you adapt the translation to the new version of the game and translate the new h-scenes?
    Either way, I can’t wait to read this VN. 😀
    Thanks for your work.

  2. I’m so happy you are almost done. Is there a way where I can donate for your work translating? Would like to support your work.

    • Thanks for the support, but that’s not necessary. We’re merely doing what we love. We’d be happy if you support ALcot in the future by buying their products, though!

  3. I am guessing this progress doesn’t include translation check or editing? Just curious. Thanks for the effort you guys put into this! Really appreciate it as I still have a ways to go on my Japanese!

  4. I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work, the VN community and I really appreciate it a l(c)ot. (Sorry for the bad pun I couldn’t resist) ^^

  5. i’ve finished the common route just today thanks to the partial patch you guys uploaded and let me say… wow… i mean it’s not like this is a great and oh so original story it actually is just another slice of life but… i don’t know how to explain it i just love the characters they are totally different from one another and i’m really excited about playing izumi’s route but i actually want to play all routes so i’m trying to be patient haha… by the way good job on the translation if there were any mistakes they were minor you’re doing an excellent job thank you very much for such a hard work i’m going to start studying japanese seriously next year so i can play them and maybe work on a translation myself well whatever i just wanted to thank you for your hard work and express how excited i am about it

  6. Wow… Can’t believe I pummeled through the common route in one seating… Amazing cast, cute and heartwarming story, can’t wait to play both Anzu’s and Anri’s routes >< !! Thank you soooo much for all your hard works and oh boy I must control myself. Must… Not… Spoil… Myself… HYPE!!

    • Do hope it’ll be this year. Am looking forward to this. Let’s hope Astro gets his life and work stuff done and can put some time into translating it. x)

  7. Refreshing this page everyday! Can’t wait for the release! Think da capo 3 and clover days are 2 of the biggest titles to be released this year. Good luck Astro!

  8. Looking forward for the full patch! I wouldn’t mind a patch that has all routes translated but not yet checked as long as I can make sense of the story. But it still is up to you guys whether to make sure that translation checks have been made.

    I’m pretty sure the people here would be willing to help in any way they can! Thank you guys and best of progress!

  9. Hey there! Just wondering if the completion percent has changed since the last update. Thank you for everything you’re doing!

    • They are, just website isn’t reflecting current progress as Astro hasn’t been around much. Anzu route was actually around 15% translated and is now standing at ~50% officially. If ittaku stays motivated it TL could be done by mid June. Not sure what else they have backlogged though.

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