Translated (kb) Total (kb) Progress
Common 661 661 100%
Anzu 711 711 100%
Anri 743 743 100%
Hekiru/Hikaru 722 722 100%
Tsubame 846 846 100%
Izumi 764 764 100%

255 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Just found out about this whole project yesterday, i guess I’m still new in world of VN huh :v
    This has been going on for years ! Keep going ! (/^o^)/

  2. Wow. Haven’t checked this site in months, it’s quite close to 100% TL. Now I just wonder how long will QC and editing take. Well, thanks for the hard work.

  3. 93% gogogo!!! almost there… well translating at least haha… but still it’s a great progress thank you ittaku for your hard work

  4. Well translation is finish. Now just wait for patch to come up. But guys it can take while but i think some people wait so long i guess it will need to by patience a bit more.

    • patch v0.1? if you want to install it then its easy. First download the file. Then unzip the file using winrar or anything program you like. finally, take the actual patch files and drag it into the clover day’s game folder. launch the game and you should be able to see whats translated so far (only up to the end of the common route) *note that this patch only works with clover day’s regular edition and not with clover day’s plus*

      • I figured out the issue: Turns out I was using the wrong game :’D

        I appreciate your reply in any case, and apologizes for the lateness of my own.

  5. 100% of translation complete
    *Heavy breathing*
    Though the finish is still no-where to be seen, I sure wish that it will be a surprise on 4th Anniversary, 2018 April pool day or so. Wait, if then it won’t be a surprise. So that means I must forget about this or delete this comment as well.

  6. Dear Santa Clause!
    This year I was a really good boy.
    I didn´t lie or did something bad to other people.

    To christmas I just wish that my family is happy and that the CloverDays-patch is done till christmas.
    Because I really want to read this Visual Novel and enjoy my holidays before I have to start learning for my exams in mechanical engineering.

    Your Sora.

    • Sorry… Still alive. Just been kinda busy so I haven’t signed into WordPress for a while.
      Still looking for someone to help out with TLC and/or editing.

  7. I wouldn’t be able to help much with translation checking, but i sure could help with the editing. I’ve been annoyed countless times by bad English in translations, so it would be nice to finally try it out for myself. By being annoyed don’t mean spelling mistakes and grammar, as i can overlook those when reading, but rather sentences that don’t really make much sense in English, or sound unnatural.

    Well, all i’m saying is that i’d love to help.

  8. I was like waiting for years! And I finally bumped to this post again hoping for new updates. And see that 100% complete , Good luck to you. Now I can use my disc again.

    • It’s translated on a paper, but it’s not programmed into the game itself. That’s the long process of things. This is my guess tho.

    • Even though its translated, they still need a helping hand with TLC/Editing. Plus work and schooling is also taking its toll on the team so its going to be a while before the full release. All we can do its just wait it and offer our support. 🙂

    • Translation is only one part of the process, even if it is the most important part. You don’t just translate and release something. You need to check the translation and then edit it for grammar and flow too. Only the translation has been completed.

      • Just a question, do you need help with the grammar regarding the translation work you’ve done?Would love to help.

      • I’m taking a duolingo class right now- So far I know 31 hiragana letters and about 6 words that I didn’t learn from anime or something. By the time I can actually understand the language, maybe the patch will be finished.

  9. I hope this translation is released one day, I feel like learning Japanese, but I can not save in my brain any words that are in Japanese 😥

  10. To be honest I can learn how to read Japanese but my brains will never make it so I will still patiently wait for one day the English Patch will be released because I have the original Japanese Game of Clover Days but infortunately I was unable to play it.

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