Translated (kb) Total (kb) Progress
Common 661 661 100%
Anzu 711 711 100%
Anri 743 743 100%
Hekiru/Hikaru 722 722 100%
Tsubame 846 846 100%
Izumi 764 764 100%

219 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Just found out about this whole project yesterday, i guess I’m still new in world of VN huh :v
    This has been going on for years ! Keep going ! (/^o^)/

  2. Wow. Haven’t checked this site in months, it’s quite close to 100% TL. Now I just wonder how long will QC and editing take. Well, thanks for the hard work.

  3. 93% gogogo!!! almost there… well translating at least haha… but still it’s a great progress thank you ittaku for your hard work

  4. Well translation is finish. Now just wait for patch to come up. But guys it can take while but i think some people wait so long i guess it will need to by patience a bit more.

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