Reason for delay. And I’m sorry

I’ve already mentioned this to a bunch of people, but I keep getting asked this in the comments and stuff. The TL is pretty much done, but has not been released because:

  1. Our hacker went MIA a few years ago
  2. Two of our TLCs went MIA over the course of the years
  3. Finally, and a bit more recently (still a little more than a year ago), “things” happened that I am not allowed to talk about due to legal reasons. As much as I would like to release the patch for you all, I would probably be hit with a DMCA within a day and would be burning a lot of bridges in the industry if I do. So right now, not all hope is lost as of yet, but I have just been waiting on news and it’s been taking forever (years). Maybe the matter has already been forgotten about, but I literally cannot do anything until I hear back. I’m sorry, please understand. When you do this kind of thing for a living, you can’t just do whatever you want anymore, and it’s not as black-and-white as you think – your actions will have consequences. Bottom line, shit happens. The reason I have not declared this project dead is because there is still a glimmer of hope at the bottom of the well somewhere, and I’m not giving up the project until that glimmer has all but died out. I’m sure some of you might prefer me just calling the project off so it doesn’t feel like you’re waiting for nothing, and I would’ve done that ages ago if I wasn’t still very much attached to this project. Just know that this is as upsetting for me as it probably is for you guys. This whole event has killed my motivation and passion for translating and is affecting my job, but I’m still trying to push my way through to earn a living nevertheless.

So really, I’m sorry. It really sucks and it’s a really shitty situation, and I’ve probably said too much already. You can hate me if you want but my answer will not change. Just know that I do not consider this project dead – let’s just say it’s on an indefinite hiatus until further notice.

EDIT: Thank you for all the supportive comments… I really don’t feel like I deserve it but thank you for understanding. I’m sorry if I let some of you down

63 thoughts on “Reason for delay. And I’m sorry

  1. Welp can’t do anything about it. Lol just declare this project dead so no one will wait for nothing. Hmmm don’t take this as an offense. Well… good luck bro!

    • I dont know but i think its 3 years or 4 already since i started waiting. Im still here waiting for updates then boom haha. Same with the guy who said that he already finished the translation of aokana 2 years ago.
      Thabk god nekonyan took the project or nekonyan bought it. Same case here i guess i dont know. Its frustrating but theres nothing else we can do. GL to your team tho. Bye

  2. Guess such is life. When it comes to business, things usually don’t go your way anymore.
    Now where do I sign up for Japanese class.

    • I think we can get by with katakana and hiragana, but as far as kanji is concerned..well.. can you sign me up for the Japanese class too?

  3. That’s very rough. 😦 I’m sending good thoughts/vibes your way! I hope somehow, some way, everything will work out.

  4. Hey thanks for the update.
    That’s really sad to hear. But even more that you have to suffer so much from it. I wish you well for the future! Thanks for all the work 🙂

  5. You sound really disheartened, i don’t think this needs saying but don’t push yourself too hard over this, you are already going above and beyond for something that you are passionate for.
    Regardles of how this turns out good luck

  6. Maybe the matter really has been forgotten. Perhaps give the respective party in question a friendly reminder? Best of luck on getting your project out there.

  7. >I got lowballed hard by SP after they bought the license and refuses to respond until I give in, but they got their legal team ready, so I can’t try to sell to anyone else and can’t even release it for free out of spite.

    At least have some form of self-respect you faglord. Don’t give in, take the hit and move on with your life. And maybe learn not to blindly trust a company before AT LEAST seeing a contract and reading it thoroughly. Companies love suckers like you.

    • I can confirm at the very least that SP is not involved. Reading what you wrote, you are way off base on your speculations, but that’s all I’m going to say.

    • After experiencing firsthand the technical capabilities of some of the people that work for them, I’d rather not, to be completely honest. Not that I’d have a say in it anyway

    • Please anything but NekoNyan; they overlocalizations, -insert there swearing-, and memes made me worried about what next vict… VN they will pick.

  8. Anyone who would jerk you around for years isn’t worth respecting or working with. Burn that bridge, ideally with them on it.

  9. As I predicted years ago it seems this is going the way of Sekai. Can’t wait for them to sit on it for an additional 2 years (at minimum) if they ever get it together and work out a license with you (sounds like you are already bound to them)

    I’m glad it’s getting an official release, as I’d love to pay for it, but that option pretty much goes out the door for me when Sekai is concerned. They are a blight.

    • You are free to speculate but I am not confirming or denying anything because I honestly don’t know what’s happening with anything. All I know is that I’m not allowed to proceed with the project at this point in time and I’m not allowed to comment any more than that. I can confirm to you that Sekai Project is not involved

  10. Hey, I really appreciate the update! Sounds like a really shitty situation sadly, but as you say there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Just wanted to say that I (and many others!) really appreciate the literal years you have spent working on this project. You still have people supporting you. In my mind, any update, no matter how small or negative, is good. Looking forward to further updates (hopefully) in the near future.

  11. We are with you Astro, i hope the situation gets resolved, be it licensed work or fan translation patch, don’t give up and keep doing what you enjoy.

  12. So let me get this straight, trash company like SakuraGame can release literally garbage and get paid for it, but actually good translation get DMCA immediately…wtf?

  13. What? Who is trying do a takedown into your free work?
    It’s the Alcot or Yeti?
    What a fucking desire to start release hacking tools for the games of those junk and to publish automatic patches in different languages just , was so much anger that when I read that it almost punched the computer shit.
    Dude … this kind of attitude gives me a fucking rage with the developer, Enough for me to say “Let this fucking cast in my name, if someone want to arrest me, fuck you. I know that once on the internet, always on the internet.”
    arrrggg… Sorry man, anyway… well, I don’t have patient with idiots

  14. I wish that companies would realise the opportunities fantranslator provide like, they could legaly buy up the translation after getting the rights or having a contract on translation rights with the creators of visual novels and publish the fantranslation hance saving on time, manpower, getting good quality with minimal effort insted of a rushed garbage mtl and get a better reputation in the public eye(Moenovels fuck up this two last parts with Konosora didn’t they?).

  15. I just found a link on discord to this page like 10 minutes ago. I’ve heard of the game and was interested so i’m gonna read all the other posts later. Anyways don’t worry i’ll be waiting for an update if it comes!

  16. Hopefully, things turn for the better. I just read the whole comment section just to see if there’s any hope for this project. I hope you and the rest translation team won’t get discouraged after all this shit is done, even if the whole project turns out to be dead in the end. You all have done great service to this VN and I’m forever grateful for that. So, thank you and good luck with whatever IRL !

    ~I’m still gonna check back~

  17. Wow… i’m really sorry to hear that. But let me tell you something,it’s your project so if you’re saying that you don’t want to declare it dead then don’t that’s perfectly fine, you don’t owe us fans anything really so don’t be to hard on yourself okay? no matter what happens i’ll always be grateful to this team, thanks to your common route patch i found the burning desire of learning japanese to read the rest and this team also gave me a link to an awesome guide for learning japanese, it was really hard at first, the first day in Hoshiori (the first VN in japanese i tried) took me like 6 hours hahaha, but know i read at a decent speed with the help of Jparser and Mecab, i’ll be forever grateful to this team so thank you guys and stay awesome

  18. >Maybe the matter has already been forgotten about, but I literally cannot do anything until I hear back.

    why dont you go balls to the walls and ask them about this instead, lmao

    anyway, i’ll be patiently waiting for an updates, whether it’s a go or no

  19. If its not SP then the only one that remain is Jast, I dont think Mangagamer is interested and Dempa works in conjuntion whit SP and after what happened whit Maitetsu, Fakku is out of the cuestion so there you have the only option.

  20. why dont you go balls to the walls and ask them about this instead, lmao > This.
    Maybe i don’t understand something,but who will be hurt if you will just ask again?i would so angry on your place and would have sending countless number of messages,because priceless work of yours and yours team at stake.When someone just takedown all your hard work,all your time that you have wasted on it for the years,i would be really angry.Anyway thank you and all people in your team for the all work that you have made.Hope you wouldn’t lose a motivation after such sh*tty situation.

  21. So basicly – whoever the rights holder is – can’t make up their mind whether they should buy your TL or localize it themselves so they decided to do nothing and let the fans rott.
    It’s sad that I can think of several companies that fit that image.

    I Hope this mess gets sorted out eventually, in a way that rewards you for the work you’ve put into this project.

  22. learned japanese while waiting for full patch , sad that i didn’t need to wait for the patch anymore XD

    tldr : learn japanese than waiting , it’s worth

  23. Hmph, it’s almost 2 years since patch already completed 100% and yet you can’t release it ’cause of legal reason??
    Sorry to say, just said it that the project already dead.
    Translation industry are very cruel, especially for fanstranslation like this.

  24. even the song gets the DMCA warning…

    合同会社クローバーソフトウェア ALcot法務 ******です。
    楽曲名:Clover Day’s
    Clover Day’s 主題歌
    Clover Day’s エンディング
    合同会社クローバーソフトウェア ALcot開発室
    法務担当:豊田 k*******

    view raw
    hosted with ❤ by GitHub

    the ED song was from osu and THIS happen…

  25. It was so close… and now I’ll never get to play this game until I learn japanese… all that hard work that went into translating all for nothing. What a shitty situation.

  26. btw… if this “legal reason” astro-san mentioned is turns out to be the “ridiculous” one… i’d say FUCK THEM WHOEVER STOPS THIS PROJECT

  27. If you’re still here looking for the translation. Just forget about it and learn Japanese. It’s really not that hard. If you use a machine translation program you can even understand about 60% of the translation without any prior Japanese knowledge.

  28. umm… idk how to say this but… is your project… “stolen” by nekonyan by any chance…

    a “clover day’s” cover picture shared at nekonyan facebook page…

  29. Nekonyan announced Clover Day’s at 100% TL and 0% edited.
    I take this as you didn’t sell out to them but your abandoned you. Sad.

  30. Here to rectify some things
    Astro handed over the entire Project to Ittaku..and told him to do whatever he wishes to do with it…
    NN directly acquired the license from Alcot. and since Ittaku had already Translated the VN.. NekoNyan asked him if it was okay to use his TL.. to which Ittaku agreed…

    On which Ittaku redid the 20% or so of the TL which was done by another translator who was previously working on it over here..So as it stands now Ittaku has done 100% of the TL by himself…and NN has decided to adopt it with his permission..

  31. … i hope it’s not a hate case…

    – where someone with power hates certain someone and do anything to ruin their life…

    to astro : are you sure whoever gives you dmca warning is solely believed that you “stole” alcot product by making this translation and not hate you by any means and plan to ruin your this clover day’s translation project??

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